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I enter data as I find it, make corrections as necessary ....not all is verified by primary source documentation (some of which contains errors any way). My approach is to include information in the hope that I CAN verify someday, but in the meantime, the data is available and acessible to me ....and clues to finding our way. Perhaps even incorrect information, a name spelled wrong for example, can hint at the correct information enough to eventually be corrected.

Females for whom I have not discovered a surname BUT have discovered either a married name or other information, i.e., birth/death data are included with a surname* to indicate the surname is unknown or unverified

In order to preserve relationship information, where I have learned a surname and no given name, such as when using the Minnesota Death index which in many cases includes mother's maiden name, I have entered the term male or female (in lower case) and the surname. .

Given the spelling variations for Lulloff, all are entered as: Lulloff - whether Lueloff, Luelloff, Lullof, etc.

I have excluded data on people presumed to be living, i.e. born after 1920. Please e-mail ( me if you want to exchange information, make corrections or additions.
I have additional information online: Sibley County gravestones photos and some old photos
photos of gravestones from Emmanuel Luth. Cemetery in Hamburg,Carver,Minnesota at